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Reporting & Analytics Software

Make better business decisions and increase profitability by analyzing historical sales data and identifying your top performing channels, products and markets with Sellnex's Reporting & Analytics Software.

Anticipate stock demand

View and analyze your historical sales data, in order to identify customer buying patterns and seasonal trends, which in turn enables you to anticipate increases in stock demand so that you can prepare your business accordingly.

Identify your best performing channels and products

Drill down on which markets, sales channels and product lines are proving the most and least successful for your business, and access accurate financial reports for each, using this insight to help you make even better business decisions and increase profitability.

Quickly and easily access vital business information

Get immediate insights into your business performance, with full access to your eCommerce analytics directly from the dashboard. Whether you're looking to understand your top sellers, stock tables, shipping reports or cash flow analysis, monitor your key performance indicators with ease using Sellnex's Reporting & Analytics.

Make more informed decisions with effective stock reporting

See the stock consumption for any item, for any given time period with Sellnex's Reporting & Analytics Software. Quickly and easily understand the amount of stock you have available, the value of this stock and the amount you've sold in that same timeframe, so you can make informed decisions that help to increase profitability.

Keep your customers happy

Generate insights into your fulfillment processes with Sellnex's Reports & Analytics. By identifying the best shipping rates and turnaround time, you can increase the efficiency of your shipping, subsequently improving customer satisfaction and retention.

Get more insight with reporting options

Access even more insight with the option to get custom reports and automated queries, written by our team of Customization Specialists, for your precise business and process requirements.

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