Multi-Channel Marketing Software


Multi-Channel Marketing Software

Propel your business with Sponsored Product advertising on Amazon, Google Shopping, Pinterest and more, with Sellnex's Multi-Channel Marketing Software, there's no limit to your sales potential.

Advertise on multiple channels in less time

Boost sales and increase order value by leveraging Sponsored Product advertising with Sellnex's Multi Channel Marketing Software. Maintain full control of your ads at all times, with the ability to set specific keywords, cost-per-click, product price, and campaign duration.

List your ads in bulk at the click of a button

Eliminate the need for manual data entry to create Sponsored Product ads on multiple advertising networks with Sellnex's bulk advertising software. Create keyword specific ads for your products in seconds, reducing your workload and giving you more freedom in both your business and life.

Increase profitability with multi-channel marketing software

Free up valuable time by automating your Sponsored Product ad management with Artificial Intelligence to optimize performance, reduce customer acquisition costs and maximize product exposure. Eliminate human error that can cost your business in time, money and reputation.

Reduce the risk of inventory stagnation

Stop products from collecting dust, depreciating in value and taking up valuable space with Sellnex's Multi Channel Marketing Software. Leverage the power of AI to efficiently connect with buyers for any product by delegating ad spend to the most effective combination of ads and listings for optimal velocity and profitability to keep your merchandise flowing to customers.

Spend less time managing your marketing

Set a daily advertising budget and Sellnex's AI will automatically develop a precision spending strategy based on real world data and sales-channel market conditions to provide optimal return on investment without the wasted time, money and inefficiencies associated with human micro-management.

Sell more products online

Drive sales with Multi Channel Product Advertising targeting your product details, in addition to similar and related products to have your product ads appear in search results and on product pages as Sponsored Products to maximize exposure to consumers and sell more with less effort.

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