Software Customization Options


Software Customization Options

Simplify even the most complex of business processes and in turn save time and reduce human error, with the Sellnex's Rules Engine and Customization Functionality.

Save time by automating your everyday tasks

Apply business rules and set common automation functions, such as the allocation of shipping couriers, through the use of the Rules Engine. This requires zero programming knowledge and can help you speed up your business processes, while reducing the chance of human error.

Adapt the system to meet your business needs

Customize the system exactly how you need it with Sellnex's customization functionality. Your business is unique and may have entirely different requirements to other eCommerce brands, which is why Sellnex has been designed to adapt to your business model.

Easily handel complex processes

While the Sellnex Rules Engine is great for automating simple tasks, our team can help you create custom Apps to handle even the most complex processes, through higher levels of automation.

Have a greater choice of eCommerce integrations

Integrate your Sellnex account with all your selling channels, couriers and eCommerce software, either by using the apps already available in the Sellnex App Store, or by accessing our open API to create third party eCommerce integrations, whether that be through your own developers or a trusted SellerTech partner.

Drive revenue through the Sellnex App Store

Create a new revenue stream for your business with the option to sell your applications through the Sellnex App Store. Showcase the 3rd-party add-ons to other Sellnex users, enhancing the functionality already available through Sellnex.

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